Our chocolate drink "Hot Cocoa" is made from natural high quality ingredients, blended to make a healthy, smooth, comforting, drink that has the perfect balance of sweetness and bitter. 

Our Story

Several years ago, we went on a quest to find the perfect cup of hot chocolate. Drinking chocolate has long been a passion of ours, but we never were satisfied with what was available. We searched long and hard in local markets, health food stores, and the internet. Some of what we tried were unquestionably delicious, but uniformly, they were all too sweet. From there we began to experiment in our kitchen. Putting together collective memories of time in living in Europe and South America we knew what we were aiming for, so with the extraordinary skills of Terrie combining ingredients in the kitchen we finally hit the mark. Our perfect hot chocolate. The resulting drinking chocolate soon became a staple in our home and a regular gift to family and friends. Realizing that our drinking chocolate was unique and having frequent requests for it we decided to start making and selling it. Our original blend was christened Strong Happiness Blend.