Benefits of Chocolate

There is a certain joy that comes from finding evidence that something you really enjoy doing is also good for you.  As we were coming up with the recipes for our drinking chocolate, taste and pleasure were the driving forces. As we honed in on our formula, however, we realized that nearly everything we added came with its own list of health benefits. Cinnamon can lower your LDL cholesterol levels, boost cognitive function, and reduce the risk of diabetes. Cardamom can aid in digestion, improve oral health, reduce blood pressure, and much more. Cayenne pepper has its own long list of benefits including reducing heartburn and nausea. Our star ingredient, cacao, has been found to lead to a healthier heart, weight loss, reduced stress, cough relief, protection from sunburn, increased intelligence, and happier children - and adults for that matter! This is by no means a comprehensive list of benefits nor a claim that consumption of our product will make you healthier. If it does all the better. We love the taste of our drink and get much pleasure warming up in the morning or evening with a cup of hot chocolate. We hope you will, too.